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Orlando Employee Accuses Transportation Company of Wrongful Termination

December 11, 2017

An Orlando employee is suing a transportation company, alleging retaliation and wrongful termination.

The woman filed a complaint Nov. 6 in Orange County Circuit Court against the company, alleging violation of the coercion statute.

According to the complaint, the woman began working for the company on Jan. 18. She says on June 25, she was grabbed on the arm by another driver from a company that contracted with the company. The suit says the other driver began scolding the woman.  

The woman says she reported the incident and opened a worker’s compensation claim. After the report, the suit says, the woman’s supervisors changed their behavior toward her, followed by a change in her schedule to a shift she was unable to work. As a result, she was forced to resign June 29 because no shifts were available.

The woman claims the company failed to protect employees from any harm during employment, failed to investigate the incident claim filed under Workers Compensation claim and forced an employee to resign without valid reason.

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