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Muslim Businessman Suing Connecticut Yacht Club for Discrimination

October 28, 2016

A Muslim businessman and his wife are suing a Connecticut yacht club because club board members allegedly rejected their membership application last year because of their religion and falsely claimed they supported terrorism.

The man suing is a co-founder the fruit bouquet business Edible Arrangements. He and his wife sued the Connecticut yacht club in state court in August, alleging discrimination, racism and bigotry. They are seeking a court order for the club to stop discriminating, undisclosed damages and a suspension of the club’s liquor permit.

Club officials have apparently denied the allegations.

Religious discrimination occurs when a person is treated unfavorably due to his or her religious beliefs. As this case shows, this discrimination can happen outside of the workplace. Any business that chooses to refuse service or membership based on religion could be subject to a religious discrimination lawsuit.

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