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Man Fired for Wearing Muslim Head Covering

October 1, 2015

An Ocala man has filed a religious discrimination complaint against Denny’s after he alleges he was not allowed to wear an Islamic head covering while working as a restaurant server.

In his complaint, the man told the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that a manager at a franchise-owned Denny’s restaurant in Ocala told him he was prohibited from working day shifts because he wore a kufi.

The man says that he also received a letter threatening him with termination for violating the restaurant’s dress code policy at a later date. He was subsequently fired.

The man says that he was the restaurant’s only Muslim, and the only server denied working day shifts.

Denny’s corporate office released a statement stating that they are reviewing the allegations.

Sadly, religious prejudices do exist in this country and religious harassment has become one of the most common types of discrimination throughout the United States. Devout Muslims especially have become targets of shameless workplace discrimination.

The U.S. legal system does not tolerate discrimination against employees based on their faith or observance. If you have been singled out in the workplace because of your religious beliefs, or if you have been discouraged from practicing your faith in the workplace, you may have legal options. A Florida Discrimination Lawyer at Whittel & Melton can help you understand if what you have experienced qualifies as discrimination under the law.

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