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There are both state and federal laws put in place that that protect workers from being discriminated against or treated unfairly by employers in the workplace. While your boss is not required to be nice to you, they cannot discriminate against you because of your age, ethnicity, gender, religion, arrests or convictions and even if you are pregnant. Moreover, employers are required to treat all employees equally.

The laws in Florida are clear. The mistreatment and discrimination of employees is illegal. Employers that treat their workers unjustly can face civil as well as criminal consequences.

What Is Discrimination?

Discrimination can take on many different forms. If you were fired, demoted or retaliated against because of your age, race, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or because of a disability, we can help you.

You may also have the right to take legal action if you were discriminated against for using lawful products, such as smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol or taking birth control. If you were terminated after you filed for bankruptcy or following an arrest, we will do everything in our power to help you.

Discrimination does not just occur during the hiring or firing process. Unfair practices can take place when it comes to promotions, vacations, health benefits, raises and various other employment conditions.

Verbal Abuse Is Discrimination

Words are powerful. While some believe words can never hurt them, words are powerful and have the ability to bring people together or tear people apart. This is why we all need to choose our words carefully in every situation, especially when we are at work.

Unwanted sexual advances and racial slurs are things no one need to hear in the workplace. Verbal abuse makes for a hostile work environment. If you have been the victim of verbal abuse in the workplace, let us help you - call our experienced discrimination lawyers today for a free consultation. We will thoroughly investigate your claims while ensuring your rights are protected. Should we uncover that your claim warrants compensation, we will fight aggressively to obtain the maximum recovery.

Verbal abuse can lead to other types of discrimination that can keep you from being able to do your job. A hostile work environment could also keep you from advancing in your company or even just stay employed. If you have been the victim of verbal abuse or sexual harassment, you don’t have to go through this alone. Let us help you through this.

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When you really think about it, most people will spend more time working than any other activity in their lifetime. Work takes precedence over personal time and time spent with our friends and family. Due to the fact that most people place a high value on their jobs, you would think that employers would value their employees on the same level. Sadly, that is not always the case.

Employers in Florida have a right to hire and fire employees at will, that is true. But, there are laws that protect employees in Florida from being discriminated against on the job or paid unfair wages. Regardless of laws, employers will still try to break the rules. Three of the most common ways they try to cheat employees of their rights are highlighted below:

  1. Discrimination: Treating an employee unfairly due to their age, sex, gender, religion, or ethnicity is strictly forbidden in Florida workplaces. Workers may also be discriminated against because of sexual preference or a disability.
  2. Sexual Harassment: Any type of unwelcome sexual advance, conduct, or request is classified as discrimination. Alonghose same lines, any behavior or conduct that interferes with a worker’s performance and creates a hostile, intimidating, or offensive work environment is also categorized as sexual harassment.
  3. Wage Disputes: Florida state law is clear when it comes to minimum wage and the number of hours an employee can work within a week without overtime pay. Failure to follow these laws is a violation of a worker’s rights, which could directly result in an employment lawsuit.
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If you have been the victim of an employer’s misconduct, it is important for you to realize that help is available. Our Florida Discrimination Lawyers at Whittel & Melton are ready to help you however we can. We can help answer any questions you have or start filing your claim.

If you feel strongly that you have been the victim of discrimination, please contact our expert Florida Employment Lawyers at Whittel & Melton. We offer free consultations and will work with you to successfully achieve your goals.