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Collective & Class Action Lawsuits

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Collective action and class action litigation takes employees with similar discrimination claims and pools these claims together to make one lawsuit. Instead of having various individual lawsuits with almost identical claims, one suit would be filed for all workers affected by an employer’s wrongful conduct. Class action litigation can be more effective in the long run, resulting in justice for all employee’s subjected to illegal conduct in the workplace rather than just one or two.

There are many types of collective and class action lawsuits, such as unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, minimum wage violations, equal pay and discrimination based on age, sex, race, color, gender, disability, religion, handicap, handicap, national origin or marital status.

In most work environments, but certainly not all, employers generally treat all of their employees a certain way. It is not uncommon for an employer to implement practices or policies that negatively impact a position or pay for a certain group of workers. The best way to end this discriminatory behavior is for these workers to file a lawsuit together, holding the employer responsible for their unfair practices.

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